Planning…more like day dreaming

I have always wanted to travel Vietnam, from North to South, South to North, it really didn’t matter that much, I would take the train. I would jump off along the way, hire a bicycle and explore the country side. That was the theory, except the area I was exploring kept getting bigger and bigger. Why not just ditch the train idea and just ride the bike?

So I began to research, I love the Internet! It has a wealth of information and after my first (and last) bike tour I sure as hell was not going under prepared. First thing I searched was “prevailing winds Vietnam” and the weather, definitely a North-South ride and October through February gives the best weather conditions for both ends of the country, which are quite different in climate.

A real map, Google Maps just aren't as much fun.
A real map, Google Maps just aren’t as much fun.

Then I stumbled across, I love this website. So many journals by people from all over the world, cycling in the most amazing places. It became my obsession, reading people’s stories every chance I get, there are some truly amazing people out there! I was inspired by them and completely absorbed by their stories. And there is so much information, routes and equipment to take, travelling solo, tyres, electronics and so on.

Suddenly the idea of riding from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh became a possibility. After many weeks of reading I realised that reading and planning was fine, but I needed to start actively doing something, like riding my bike, I mean who would have thought! Well I have started riding, 200km so far, hardly setting the world on fire, but it’s a start. Oh and I have my panniers, bright orange of course, my favourite color, as much as I try to tell myself it’s a safety feature, the truth is I just love orange.

Ortleib Panniers, still in the box!

2 thoughts on “Planning…more like day dreaming

  1. Try to avoid highways in VN – the trucks won’t really mind if they hit you as long as they don’t have to slow down.
    I’ve travelled a couple 100 kms around Viet Nam on my motorbike and the combined 50kms on the highways was the worst.


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