Do they have cheese in Vietnam??

Well two weeks before departure and the mind goes to the strangest places, you see I  really love cheese and 6 weeks without is a long time! I am sure they will have cheese, weren’t the French there once upon a time!

At the moment I am torn between being excited and being nervous, I am sure this is completely normal and once I get on the road I will be fine. I have all my gear ready to go, well most of it, I have just realised I have forgotten to buy a puncture repair kit! That’s wishful thinking! I seemed to have accumulated stuff that needs cables, lights/camera’s/laptop/phone that all need to be charged, I know that it will annoy me as much as please me to have these things, first world problems!

I have written lists and tried to make plans, an itinerary of some description, but that really never works well for me. I lose interest in that much planning, I am much more of a “I’ll just wing it” type, “it’ll be right” is generally the first thought that comes to my mind, sometimes that is followed by sheer panic, but generally not. I have booked the first two nights accommodation in Hanoi though, at a very exotic sounding Splendid Jupiter Hotel, at $30 a night it may be slightly less than splendid, but I won’t make assumptions. Apparently its steps away from the heart of Hanoi, now that could be code for “it’s miles away and requires lots of walking” or  “there is a Karaoke bar directly beneath your room”. Should I pack earplugs as well?

A few people have said to me they will catch up with me before I go, part of me just wants to slip out quietly. The last few days are going to be a bit hectic I think.

Oh and I googled it….cheese is not really on the menu, I bet I can find some.

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