The little things…

Well they say small things amuse small minds, so I guess thats me. I have a tendency to notice things that are quite insignificant. For example, the mannequins in Vietnam are western sized, like we have at home. The people however are tiny and therefore so are the clothes, so all the clothes on the mannequins are skin tight with fly’s down, because they can’t do them up. I hope the locals don’t seriously think thats how you wear these clothes!

I have also been a little bit pre-occupied with crosswalk signs, the first picture of a crosswalk sign I posted was the “Cross with a purpose”  sign, and would I be wrong in saying she has an ample bosom? Now the next sign that has recently come into play is the “Skip across at your leisure” sign. See, I have a problem.

Now I know we all urinate. But there is a lot of it going on here, road side. I have mentioned once or twice about life going on along Highway 1, well I would guess I have seen probably hundreds of men pee-ing. But what I love about it is, that as I ride past, with out any qualms at all, the head turns over the shoulder and looks at me, a hearty “hello” is called out as they continue to urinate,  all day, everyday.

Having cycled 570 kilometres in the last 7 days, my legs, to say the least, are tired. So a rest day it is in Nha Trang. Now Nha Trang is to Russians what Kuta is to Australians, except less chaotic. I took up the offer of a sight seeing tour today with a local guide Dien,  on his motorbike. It was fine, but he didn’t really show me anything that was better than I had already seen along the way. He took me out into the “country” to see the rice fields, he stopped on the side of the road and says “beautiful rice fields, you can take a photo here”, yes, I will do my best to get a photo of the rice fields, it’s just my camera wants to focus on the endless power lines and I will crop the rubbish out later shall I? It’s a tragedy that all plastic isn’t bio-degradable, because it’s everywhere, the water ways are clogged with it. 

Now I don’t know why people say Russians are unfriendly, because they have been really friendly to me! They have held several one sided conversations with me until they realise that I am looking at them blankly, I just shrug and say “sorry”. that is followed by them looking at me with pity. There are so many Russians here, the signs are in Russian, I have enough trouble with Vietnamese, now I have to contend with Russian too, I have no hope. There is however a lot of vodka here, vodka goes with everything….

I came across a cyclist from Scotland yesterday, he rode into Nha Trang, looking a bit like I did, covered in grit from the road and soaking wet. We got chatting and ended up going out to dinner. It was great to talk to some one in English, although at times that was debatable, we compared cycling stories, drank beer and ate burgers. After dinner we ate street food, because I can easily eat two meals in a sitting after days of riding. We followed that up with the most divine banana and nutella crepes, sitting on stools on the footpath watching the world go by, it was pretty great! Anyway, we went our separate ways, he was heading off today, I may come across him again down the road.

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