Man or mouse

I ordered my meal at the Cosy Corner Cafe, it was a sandwich that came with an overly generous serve of chips, delicious battered chips. I couldn’t eat them all, well I could have eaten them all but I decided that this does not have to become a trip of over indulgence, it’s well within my capabilities to over indulge.

So the waitresses comes out and asks if my meal was okay? Yes it was, lovely thank you, but I am full, to which she responds “What are you a man or a mouse?” Well neither actually, but right at that moment, possibly more mouse. I was tired, my legs were sore and I was happy to be stopped for the day.

It had been a long day, I got sort of lost, twice. Thank you to the two local gentlemen who stopped me as I rode around Frenchmans Bay to ask if I was doing the Munda Biddi? Yes I am. Well you have come to far, you need to turn around and go back the way you came, why don’t you take a short cut, we will show you on the map. Ahh the map, well thats embarrassing, if I looked at it I wouldn’t be here.

So with their guidance I back tracked, along a few quiet back roads, it is easy, you can’t go wrong they said. Once you get to Robinsons Road turn right, that puts you back onto the Munda Biddi trail and in the right direction. Roberts Road, is not, I repeat NOT Robinsons Road. I came to a dead end, and in my arrogance I stood there looking at my map thinking to myself, the map is wrong! After 10 minutes of deliberation I conceded that it just may be possible that the map was in fact correct and I was wrong. I back tracked again. 

So that little expedition added 10km to my day. It of course didn’t help that my bike rack, that had a lean to it all through Vietnam and rubbed on my tyre developed the same problem, except worse, because I had bigger tyres. And in my usual style I continued this way for quite some time. I don’t know if anyone remembers the bike lights that ran on the rim and made a terrible whirring noise, well thats what it sounded like, but I continued, these new knobbly tyres I have on sure are noisy, why is this feeling so damned hard today! I am just not used to the weight I rationalised. When I realised that the whole bike rack was leaning on my tyre and acting like a brake, I had completed 35km. I pushed and pulled it to move it of the tyre, which would work for as long as it took me to hit a bump then it all toppled over again, many an expletive, not to be used here was spoken.

I was tired, hungry and just plain annoyed, I just decided to press on with my whirring bike, being careful not to ride off when the four, very well prepared mountain bikers with all the very expensive gear and appropriate clothing, were in earshot. They were kind enough to tell me about the Cosy Corner Cafe that was off the trail and worth a visit, they were going there for lunch. It was only about 8km away (this time I looked at my map).  As I rode up to the cafe, naturally there they were, standing out the front, I quickly dismounted the whirring bike, before I got into to ear shot, I will have to have a look at it when I stop.

After I ate, I rode down to the camp ground near the beach, it wasn’t too far. I managed to get the tent up before the rain came, it didn’t stop raining until the next morning. I cooked dinner in a half reclined position hanging out the side of the tent, too tired to do the dishes I left them sitting outside the tent, including a bag of rubbish. I still hadn’t addressed the bike problem. I was almost asleep when I hear this scuffling outside the tent, I mean really loud scuffling, going through the rubbish and knocking over my pots. I didn’t see what it was, but I am going to say it was a rabid bandicoot, it took off when I turned on my torch, then came back for a second go at it a few hours later. This time I got smart and brought the rubbish inside.


Cosy Corner Beach

I hurriedly packed up in the morning when the rain broke and headed off, having still not addressed the bike rack issue adequately, I came up with the brilliant idea of using my tie downs I would fasten them  as tight as possible and to the opposite side of the frame to pull it over and away from the tyre. I set off, no whirring, I am brilliant I thought, what a great idea, for approximately 1km. I decided I would just put up with it, I wasn’t causing any major damage to my tyre, just the knobbly bits. I will look at it in Denmark when I am staying in accommodation and hopefully there is somewhere under cover. Anyway, I believe I have fixed it. It wasn’t mounted evenly so naturally it kept pulling to one side, I dismantled the whole thing and put it on again. We will see how I fare tomorrow….

One thought on “Man or mouse

  1. Very familiar scenario, riding with your brake on or similiar has plagued you since the Darwin ride……
    Loved reading your adventure 😀


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