The way I see it

560 kilometres and I thought I would share some of the daily sites, good and bad. While somethings I haven’t photographed because I found it to be upsetting. I did however get chased by my first dog today, I wondered if I just stopped pedalling he would lose interest, I decided not to test the theory and pedalled even harder, and no I didn’t photograph him either.

I am now in Phnom Penh, the traffic was revolting on the ride in, worse than Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh in all its crazyness flowed, I spent way too much time today breathimg in the fumes of the trucks while stuck in gridlock.

The villages start and end in Cambodia, not like Vietnam where they all become one. The roads in the villages are potholed, dusty and horrible, out on the highway they are better. My daily caphe sua stops have been replaced with coconuts and banana,  definitely better for me, far less enjoyable!


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