Bye bye Madame

Thailand is clean, orderly and way more sophisticated than Cambodia. Gone are the endless children calling out “hello, hello”, the tractors, bicycles, the stalls and people on the side of the road almost everywhere. I know that not all Thailand is like this, but I did venture off the main highway several times into the … More Bye bye Madame

“Don’t plant a mango tree and expect it to grow apples” – Bunyong

To spend even a few hours with this man you get a strong sense of what drives him. Bun lost his father, younger brother and sister when he was 10 to the war. He became a Buddhist monk at 20. Now he devotes his life to his business, his 11 adopted children, baby daughter and … More “Don’t plant a mango tree and expect it to grow apples” – Bunyong

Call me Anne

Cycle touring is not all fancy hotels and cute little B & B’s, in fact it rarely is. Somedays it’s complete crap, but I guess that’s why I do it, it’s a challenge,  a reality check and an adventure all rolled into one. Makes me appreciate the small things. So today was one of those … More Call me Anne

Back to basics

Riding to Skun from Phnom Penh I went through areas of no villages at all, just some little make shift stalls on the side of a desolate highway with various skinned animals hanging at the front,  dogs, cats and rats is the best I can make out. I ended up stopping in Skun, just because … More Back to basics

The killing fields

How can one man have so much influence? Pol Pot had a vision to take Cambodia back to year one, eradicate class differences and take it back to basics, the only purpose was to farm and produce food for tbe nation, nothing else mattered. He wielded so much power he eradicated 2.5 million of the … More The killing fields

The way I see it

560 kilometres and I thought I would share some of the daily sites, good and bad. While somethings I haven’t photographed because I found it to be upsetting. I did however get chased by my first dog today, I wondered if I just stopped pedalling he would lose interest, I decided not to test the … More The way I see it